Currently I am involved in four different plays with various constellations. There are more information about the productions under each tab above.

Beethoven in Stalingrad is a play based on 12 authentic letters written by German soldiers to their near and loved ones. As a part of the last shipment the letters were sent back from the eastern front right before the German army were defeated by the Russians. The letters are inter foliated by excerpts from Beethoven’s Apassionata, here performed on electric violin.

Evil is based on the bestseller by Jan Guillou. At home Eric is abused by his father, in school he is a gang leader. After being caught stealing he gets expelled and sent off to the boarding school Stjärnsberg. Eric becomes determined to leave the violent past behind and focus on his education. However, the old traditions at Stjärnsberg where the older students bully the younger pupils force Eric to make a choice –keep quiet and stay in line or fight back and oppose the system.

Fair Play a new by play by Erik Norberg tells the story of a young boy Kim through the eyes of  the dog Vov. Kim has a hard time fitting in until he meets Vov who makes him open up. But when Vov also becomes friend with other children Kim becomes jealous and abandons Vov  in the dark forest.

Janne Teller’s award-winning novel War what if it were here opened in the fall of 2013 and is still running after more than 150 performances. EU has disintegrated, in Sweden a dictator has risen to power and is waging wars against the other Scandinavian countries. A familly decides to flee to Egypt, the closest democratic country.We get to follow their struggle to find their place in a new country and different culture.

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