Words of recommendation and quotes from reviews

Jesper has worked in my class with exceptional diligence. He was unusually gifted to begin  with; now he has taught himself a flexibel, responsive and impressive craft. I recommend him without reservation as an artist, a person and a worker.

Austin Pendleton

From the beginning, Jesper was an outstanding student – dedicated, intelligent, creative, sensitive and always a PERFORMER. I feel that he will make a rich contribution to the world of Theatre.

Mary Anthony

An outstanding student… He cares deeply about his work, pitches himself into it, and has great commitment. His character work is always interesting and he uses himself fully and specifically.

Carol Rosenfeld

He impressed me from the beginning with his diligence and tenaciousness. He is dogged in his pursuit of excellence. I have taught at H.B. Studio for over forty years… I say without reservation that Jesper is one of the very finest I have had the distinction of teaching.

Edward Morehouse

Finally that exclusive feeling appears that, I am being completely carried away by a story and  a performance… Jesper Arin creates the unruly but clever dog with dancing paw power… At Mittiprickteatern every actor show that human beings’ feelings and thoughts are far more than is suggested on the surface.

Dagens Nyheter on Fair Play

Jesper’s tale tells is gripping and distressing in itself, but his skills as a story-teller make the saga riveting… there is no self-indulgence here, just honesty. Despite the traumatic nature of the events he describes, his voice and body language remain hauntingly calm in the narrative passages, while his range of tempos creates contrast between reflective moments and action… Jesper moves around the intimate performing area with ease… This is a masterclass in art of storytelling.

 Broadway Baby on Evil

A real home run to enjoy… The story is moved forward through a brilliant ensemble work by Stanislaw Frackowiak and Jesper Arin.

Sörmanlands Nyheter on Mr Green får besök 

Mittiprickteatern is an overachieving independent company… The actors Jesper Arin, Lennart Gustafsson och Ulrika Hansson change quickly between all the characters that passes by… The Mittiprick ensemble neither complicate things unnecessarily nor simplify them. They play with a sting, a disarmimg sense of humour and an assured sense for their young audience.

Svenska Dagbladet on Snäll 

Unsupported by even a lighting cue, on a stage bare apart from a single chair, Jesper Arin performs as Eric in this adaptation of Jan Guiliou’s novel. Arin adopts the other parts as though it was Eric playing them but still acts them convincingly. The gruesome descriptions of punches and lashes make you squirm but are never used in a sensationalistic way.

 Threeweeks Edinburgh on Evil

Jesper Arin has a good hand with Twain’s irony and his flexible facial expressions enhance everything that is ambiguous and equivocal throughout the story. There is also a sulkiness in the portraying of Eva’s advantage that is captured with great finess… with tiny and sharp means [Arin] both captures and engrosses his audience in this production.

Upsala Nya Tidning on Adams dagbok 

It could have become a moralizing political piece… But in accordance with the predecessor, a fine little book by the the Dane Janne Teller, the great miracle happens. The situation becomes credible and alive. I become astonishingly  deeply moved by the three actors… A possible world magically comes to life.

Expressen on Om det var krig i Norden

 Jesper Arin carries the heaviest load as the sympathetic Kim and he lands the role with elegance.

 Jönköpings Posten on Vävarens dröm 

A well trained ensemble… He [Arin] is a performer with a nearby complete disposition. 

Borås Tidning on Det röda sidenbandet

Jesper Arin manages to hold the rage and the outsiderness that boils inside Viktor… They [the ensemble and musicians] all make an exceptional job…

 Jönköpings Posten on Operation kärleken