Past, present and future

For the past several years I have been a member of the ensemble at Mittiprickteatern, one of Sweden’s oldest and most esteemed independent theatre companies. Our venue Teater Påfågeln is located at St: Eriksplan in Stockholm but a major part of our performances take place on tours all around Sweden. At the moment I am in two of our productions, War, what if it were here and Fair Play.  Among other plays that I have acted in earlier at Mittiprickteatern are;  Fahrenheit 452, Snäll and Kuddkriget.

Before and simultaneously with being a part of Mittiprickteatern, I have continued to work at other companies as well such as Cirkus Tigerbrand and Smålands Musik och Teater. In the fall of 2014, I produced the play Sophie Scholl for Teateri, a company where I have also starred in plays such as Edna Walsh’s Disco Pigs and Jeff Baron’s Visiting Mr Green.

Along with being a hired player I create my own performances as well, often in collaboration with various musicians. In these productions I often use my own writing intertwined with works from different poets or I adapt older stories such as Mark Twain’s Adams diary. My most recent production of this kind apart from Evil was Isac’s Journey which I performed together with a violinist and a singer. Curently I am collaborating with the violinist Ian Peaston, creating Beethoven in Stalingrad.

I am trained at HB Studio in New York where I studied for among others Austin Pendleton and at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) in England. Apart from the acting programs at those drama schools I have also studied shorter courses at Lee Strasberg Studio in London and at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Supplementary to my to my acting degree I have received a Master of Arts at Uppsala University with a major in history of ideas and science.

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